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Traits of the Modern PR Professional

How do you spot high achieving PR pro’s? Is it the triple latte with Espresso shooter? The Apple iWatch in Beta test? The dark circles under their eyes from late nights testing up-and-coming social networks?

All those may be superficial indicators, but the new skool PR professional has learned how to develop 8 distinct traits. High achievers in PR tend to have:

So much to know, so little time

The PR industry changed more in the past 10 years than it did in the 100 years before. The first and foremost trait of modern PR pros is curiosity. They’re constantly learning new skills to stay at the top of their game. Tools like Feedly and Pocket help to manage the never-ending flood of blog posts and articles.

Read: Research, data, execution

The modern PR pro doesn’t use outdated S.O.S. (Sending Out Stuff) approaches anymore. Sending bulk mail to media contacts is just lazy and inefficient. They know what tickles the fancy of their contacts by researching on social networks with tools like Rapportive and by logging their interactions in a PR CRM like Prezly. Their tech-based mind reading skills help turn their pitches into home runs.

Ain't nobody got time to enrich a contact

The need for hyper-efficiency makes them seek out time-saving automation with macros and PR tools. They know that their main concerns are creative storytelling and nurturing relationships. To focus on just that they find workarounds for most repetitive PR tasks. Automation tools like IFTTT and Zapier helps them connect different web apps. In Prezly, we even built in an auto-enrichment tool to our CRM to help PRs cut out the tedium of finding social media information and demographics about their media lists.

Talk visual to me

Journalists need to publish more and more visual stories. Good PR pros help them by sharing as many multimedia assets as possible. This includes infographics, videos, animated gifs, Vine mini-videos and memes.

Visually fluent PR pro’s have found solutions to create visuals. They outsource them or have learned to design them their selves with simple online graphic design tools like Canva.

An influencer among influencers

High-achieving PR pro’s are hyper-connectors. Their social media following oftentimes rivals that of the brands they represent. You could even say that they have become brands themselves. Their followers consider them experts in public relations and in their beat.

Becoming a hyper-connected influencer is no simple feat. They simplify the tracking of conversations via tools like HootSuite and TweetDeck. And if they’re looking at their phone again you can be sure that they just @replied someone.

TMI? Never.

Modern PR pro’s indeed live and breathe on social media. They post a lot and aren’t afraid to share too much, both personally and professionally. It makes them transparent and accessible.

They make life easier for journalists by sharing as much content as possible about their brand. Quotes, profiles, backgrounders, media files... They stuff their digital newsrooms to offer the greatest transparency and ease of use.

Publish, publish, publish

No need to wait for media coverage. Savvy PR pro’s are also inbound marketers that bypass media filters. They write opinion pieces, guest blog, and share their stories via social media. They use tools like Buffer to simplify sharing on social networks. Publishing direct to mobile is their latest love.

Modern PR experts have fallen in love with analytics. They double-check their gut feeling by cold hard numbers. Email opens, social media reach, site visitors and conversion rates,.. Whatever they do, they find a way to track it, learn and improve it.

One Step Ahead

It’s a new world. The way we consume media shifted in the past decade because of digitization and social networks. It’s become a hyper-connected world that requires the PR pro to adapt at a rapid pace. One thing remains constant: PR pro’s are curious storytellers with an inborn, visceral understanding of what sparks imagination and how to get people talking about a brand.