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How to Turn Your Colleagues into Influencers

Last week, we wrote about why you should empower your colleagues to become influencers for your brand. They’re already influencers in their own social networks, and when you enlist them to help spread the word for your brand, they can be some of your company’s most powerful ambassadors.

Sounds great in theory, but how do you actually turn your colleagues into influencers? Here are some ideas:

  • First and foremost, ask them nicely: create a separate email campaign (in Prezly) specially for your colleagues.
  • Make sure your story is worth sharing – if it isn’t inspiring, interesting or entertaining to your colleagues, it won’t be to your customers, either.
  • Enlist the help of the CEO or other company leadership.
  • Offer guidance, but don’t micromanage. Allow your colleagues to share your company’s story in their own voice.
  • Be easily accessible to answer questions and receive feedback.
  • Answer any questions promptly and thoroughly.
  • Encourage your colleagues to offer feedback and constructive criticism (and receive it gracefully).
  • Help them understand how much of a difference their help makes for the company.
  • Thank them. Then thank them some more.
  • Show your appreciation in a tangible way – send a grateful note to their manager, thank them publicly in front of the CEO, buy them coffee for a week… you get the idea.

The key takeaway? Make it easy and fun for your colleagues to share the message, be accessible and prompt in answering their questions and – most importantly – show them how much you appreciate their help.

What did we leave out? Please share your tips for helping colleagues become influencers in the comments.

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