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Make Your Press Release More Shareable with Multimedia

Make Your Press Release More Shareable with Multimedia

What’s the easiest way to encourage people to share your social media press release? A great story alone won’t do the trick if it looks like all the other plain-text releases out there. If you want to up your press release’s “share factor”, you need to include (surprise!) something shareable, usually multimedia. Here are three ways to do it:

  • Add an image. There is no, repeat no reason not to add an image (or several!) to your social media press release. Whether it’s a collection of screenshots from your groundbreaking new release, a clever and relevant illustration or a photo captured on-the-ground, adding an image makes your release instantly more visually appealing (and therefore, more likely to be shared).
  • Include a video. The words “viral video” are practically a cliche these days, but there’s still a lot of value in creating a good video to accompany your release. A video is an opportunity to add depth to your story and lend a human face to your brand. They’re a lot more sharable than text articles, too, and bloggers are always looking for good ones to share with their followers.
  • Create an infographic. Who says your release has to be plain-text? Try telling your story visually, instead, with an infographic. The best ones can spread across the web like wildfire. But before you decide to go this route, make sure your story is suited for it – your story should be entertaining, informative and, most importantly, simple to articulate in pictures.

When it comes to sharing, the most important thing to remember is that people don’t share things with their friends because they like you; they share things with their friends because they like their friends, and because they want to look good in front of them. Help your audience do that, and your story will already be well on its way to “going viral”, as they say.

How do you increase the “share factor” of your releases? What tactics have and haven’t worked well for you?

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