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Maximizing Your Email Deliverability

The most beautifully crafted pitch email in the world isn’t worth a thing if your message doesn’t reach its recipient. Luckily, if you send emails via Prezly, rest assured that we take many steps to ensure that your emails get delivered to your media contacts’ inboxes, not their junk folders:

  • We use SendGrid: a professional and proven email delivery system.
  • We have a dedicated IP address to ensure optimal delivery of every email.
  • We continually monitor blacklist services.
  • We get notified every time we receive a spam report (it doesn’t happen very often!), so we can take appropriate action immediately.
  • Our email layout is professional, clean and can’t be customized, reducing the potential for spammers to take advantage of our templates.
  • Only paying customers get access to the email functionality. This is the absolute best way to keep spammers out.
  • We have a clear unsubscribe link, so anyone can opt out at any time and for any reason. This keeps us compliant with spam and email privacy laws and helps minimize spam complaints.
  • You can only use our email tool for sending out press releases. This prevents anyone from trying to abuse our system – not that any of our wonderful customers would do such a thing! 🙂

That’s how we approach email deliverability. There are steps that you can take, too, the most important of which is to build a good reputation by following certain email best practices (i.e. don’t spam your contacts!) We’ll dive into this in greater detail next week.

In the meantime, please share any tips you have to improve email deliverability in the comments.

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