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Presentation: how to boost your PR team workflow

At Prezly we’re obsessed with improving the PR team workflow.

The software that we build is just one part of a big change that needs to happen. PRs need to get better organised and tech savvier to be able to keep up the pace of their fast-changing audiences.

The past months we’ve seen new initiatives from PR’s to help other professionals keep up. There was PRstack – the crowd-sourced catalog of 250+ tools and 50 guides. And last week #FuturePRoof launched – the free crowd-sourced ebook about he future of the industry.

There’s been a lot of info already about the need to innovate, and highly practical info about which tools you can use. A few weeks ago we also published a guide about how you find the right tools.

Improving PR team workflow is about more than tools

It’s mostly about people and the work they do. So now I took a step back and created a thorough slidedeck about how communication teams can improve workflow, reduce waste, and create more value for their customers:


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