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Your Colleagues Are Influencers, Too

Your company has a newsworthy announcement, and you naturally seek out high-profile journalists and influencers with large followings to spread the word.

But what if there were another strong group of influencers in the least likeliest place?

Right under our noses, our own colleagues are often an overlooked, yet powerfully networked group. Nearly all of them use Facebook, and many also use Twitter. More importantly, they all have networks of trusted associations in your field.

Here’s why you should enlist your colleagues to help share your story:

They already have a stake in your success

If your company has exciting news, your colleagues will gladly share it with their peers. Help them feel proud of their work, and they’ll want to show off what they’ve done.

Feedback can be effortless

You can easily field their questions, as well as hone your responses. This helps you refine the clarity of your message while sparking the exchange of ideas and dialogue.

They are already influencers in their own social networks

Your colleagues will be happy to share information that benefits their network. Furthermore, the existing trust within these relationships means that their friends and family will be more receptive to your message.

Your colleagues can be powerful ambassadors for your company, if you empower them to help you spread the word. Do you have experience tapping the influence of your colleagues? Tweet us your successes (and lessons learned):

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